Exercise Classes

 Our exercise classes were originally designed for Sibley Senior Association members.  While we welcome non-members to attend, we recognize it does take time away from paying members. There is a $10 quarterly administrative fee for non-members to attend SSA classes. Non-members may attend as many classes as desired during the quarter.

 Please read the class schedule carefully for class locations.

* Wear comfortable clothing

* Classes will be meeting via zoom

* Payment must be received before your first day in class. 

* Call  202-364-7602 to register for your desired class as soon as possible. 

* For new students only: Late registrations are accepted the first three weeks of class (on all courses except Tai Chi Chung).

* No refunds after your first week in class. 

* Make check payable to Sibley Hospital, and mail to the Sibley Senior Association, or call 202-364-7602 to have your payment processed over the phone with a credit card.

* Always check with your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen.

* Exercise classes must meet minimum numbers to start.

* If DC Schools are closed due to snow, the classes at MMUMC and Palisades Church will be cancelled.  If you feel weather conditions are dangerous, please do not attempt to drive.

* For more information, call the SSA Office at 202-364-7602.  


Classes with Jeffrey Robbins – via zoom

Qigong / Body Awakening with Jeffrey Robbins – Qigong, part of traditional Chinese medicine, concentrates on body structure (correct spine alignment), meditation (to calm the mind and relax the body) and correct breathing (to increase oxygen intake and toxin expulsion). Body Awakening uses slow, easy to learn, non-impact movements derived from the martial arts to improve respiratory and balance functions of the body while addressing each student’s individual health issues.    Advance registration and payment required.

          To sign up for Qigong, please click here

Beginning and Intermediate Tai Chi with Jeffrey Robbins – Tai Chi Chung uses gentle flowing movements to reduce the stress of a busy lifestyle and improve health. Often called “meditation in motion,” it promotes serenity and the connection of the mind and body.  12-week class.  $185 for the session (or $18 per class).  Wednesdays, 12:15 to 1:15 p.m. T Advance registration and payment required.  Tai Chi  veterans welcome to register late.  Beginners would benefit from starting at the beginning of a class.

To sign up for Tai Chi, please click here


Meeting at Mazza Gallerie

Walking (and talking) Club  used to met on Tuesdays and Thursdays before COVID-19,  it was ongoing; arrive anytime between 9 and 10 a.m. Members walk in a temperature-controlled, safe and dry environment. Free blood pressure checks are provided. Cancellations for bad weather follow the Montgomery County school closure schedule (Walking Club is cancelled if school is cancelled or delayed). The Walking Club is a free community service sponsored by Sibley Hospital and Mazza Gallerie. Meets at 5300 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W., DC - concourse level.  Entrance to the parking garage is behind the building between Western Avenue, NW and Jenifer Street, NW. Free parking in the underground structure. If you drive to Mazza Gallerie, please pull the ticket and bring it with you to get it validated at the Walking Club.